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Luxury house in a gated residential complex near Stara Zagora

Цена: 94 200€

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ID объекта SZ75963
Страна Болгария
Регион Near Stara Zagora
Тип строения Дом
Площадь 135 м2
Спальни 2
Ванные 2

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Агентство Bulgarian Properties
Веб сайт
Телефон +359 886 033 033
E-mail info@bulgarianproperties.com

Luxury new house in a newly built gated complex in the mountains, near Stara Zagora, close (7 km) to Stara Zagora Mineral Baths. There are 50 single-family residential houses in the complex. Access is controlled through a portal, and there is a parking space for guests, which can be used for boats, caravans, yachts and residents. Each house has its own septic tank (biochemical pits that work with bacteria). The complex has its own water supply - it has a hydrophore, which is used as a reserve at low pressure of the water supply from the water supply and sewerage. The construction of the infrastructure in the complex - roads, sidewalks, lighting, etc. is a commitment of the construction company. The house is for sale unfurnished, the furniture in the photos is indicative and is not included in the price. Building parameters: built-up area of the house: 135 sq.m. area of the veranda: 37 sq.m. (included in the total area of the house) area of the land property: 545 sq.m. Field cultivation: leveling, excavation of foundations and pit construction of retaining walls from gabions, behind which geotextile is laid for greater stability construction of internal connections El. and plumbing in the plot biochemical septic tank landscaping: hedges of ligustrum, ryegrass Foundation: 30 cm double-sided reinforced concrete slab with 90 cm dug concrete foundations Wall construction: high quality dried and impregnated (by immersion) wood with a cross section of 50: 150 mm. thermal insulation of external and internal walls of three layers of Knauf mineral wool with a total thickness of 150 mm. additional insulation of the external walls with vapor-permeable membrane with a density of 105 g / sq.m. one-sided cladding made of OSB boards with a thickness of 9 mm. waterproofing on the lower crown External cladding: external thermal insulation of 10 cm. EPS gluing and doweling, fiberglass mesh, putty application of plaster with 1.5 mm grain size. partial wood paneling Interior walls: the outer walls on the inside and the inner walls on one side are finished with Knauf double plasterboard with a thickness of 12.5 mm. the interior walls are finished on one side with 9 mm thick OSB boards. and one layer of Knauf gypsum board with a thickness of 12.5 mm. putty and painting in white Flooring: The floor is built on the basis of dry processes, due to its higher insulating characteristics and the lack of additional moisture. Its processing includes: dry under 50 mm. XPS Knauf floor tile with a thickness of 10 mm. laying parquet / terracotta flooring with a set budget of BGN 15 / sq.m. VAT included Roof: high quality dried and impregnated (by immersion) wood with a cross section of 50: 150 mm. delivery and installation of windproof connections (zinc rail) German PVC roofing membrane SIKA with a 30-year warranty XPS insulation under the membrane 3 cm. geotextile 300 g / sq.m. three layers of Knauf mineral wool with a total thickness of 150 mm. OSB boards with a thickness of 20 mm. cladding, gutters funnels, barbican and vents Others: five-chamber PVC windows, profile 70 mm, double glazing 32 mm. and glasses type "4 seasons" (set budget BGN 4,000) veranda cladding of natural wood interior doors - 4 pcs. with a set budget of BGN 350 / pc. bathroom and toilet equipment: faience with a set budget of BGN 20 / sq.m. with VAT, washbasin 2 pcs. with a set budget of BGN 60 / pc. with VAT, shower faucet 1 pc. with a set budget of BGN 100 / pc. with VAT, monoblock 2 pcs. with a set budget of BGN 150 / pc. with VAT, boiler 1 pc. with a set budget of BGN 200 / pc. with VAT, floor siphon 2 pcs. with a set budget of BGN 50 / pc. built internal plumbing and electrical installations openwork fence with a height of 1.20 m. and concrete foundation: h.60cm., w.20cm. construction of common infrastructure in the complex construction documentation commissioning accounts for water and electricity. installations remote for portal - 1 pc. Due to its proximity to the town of Stara Zagora and located in a very beautiful place, the village of Borilovo has formed mostly as a villa zone of the big city. In the center of the village there are two grocery stores that meet the needs of the local population for the necessary food products.Viewings We are ready to organize a viewing of this property at a time convenient for you. Please contact the responsible estate agent and inform them when you would like to have viewings arranged. We can also help you with flight tickets and hotel booking, as well as with travel insurance.Property reservation You can reserve this property with a non-refundable deposit of 2,000 Euro, payable by credit card or by bank transfer to our company bank account. After receiving the deposit the property will be marked as reserved, no further viewings will be carried out with other potential buyers, and we will start the preparation of the necessary documents for completion of the deal. Please contact the responsible estate agent for more information about the purchase procedure and the payment methods.After sale services We are a reputable company with many years of experience in the real estate business. Thus, we will be with you not only during the purchase process, but also after the deal is completed, providing you with a wide range of additional services tailored to your requirements and needs, so that you can fully enjoy your property in Bulgaria. The after sale services we offer include property insurance, construction and repair works, furnishing, accounting and legal assistance, renewal of contracts for electricity, water, telephone and many more.

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